The mavri spilia canyon is located 2 kilometres away from Prousos town. It is one of the most beautiful and impressive canyons of Evritania. It takes its name from the famous Black Cave which was a refuge for the inhabitants of the area during the Turkish occupation but also during the German occupation. What makes the canyon of Mavri Spilia stand out is the unique via ferrata route * the beginning of which is marked by Mavri Spilia. The path that the visitor will follow to approach it has as a starting point a picturesque stone fountain next to the bridge of Prousos Tornos and continues with an uphill in some places but quite passable path in a forest of firs and as we approach the waters of the canyon willows and plane trees. The beautiful images follow each other with the picturesque wooden bridges and the waterfalls which are also offered for swimming stealing the show until we reach the imposing Black Cave and the remaining ruins of the stone shelter. The canyon does not present difficulties making it suitable for beginners, it has 10 technical descents with the largest waterfall being 15 meters high.

* Path consisting of iron nailed steps and ropes on the rock wall of the canyon