Karpenisi is a town in Central Greece. It is the capital of the Prefecture of Evrytania. The area around Karpenisi is mountainous while farmlands are mainly in valley areas. Karpenisi's industry are urban and rural in the outskirts. Agriculture today dominates the outskirts.

Karpenisi is situated in a valley area of Karpenisiotis River, a tributary of the Acheloos and Megdovas Rivers. Mount Tymfristos lies to the north elevating at nearly 2,315 m. Another mountain dominates the south. Karpenisi has a skiing resort Velouhi and is offered for sports like climbing, trekking, offroading, canoeing and kayaking.

As long as it concerns the mountaineering, you can cover the path from the holy monasterty Prousso to the Mavri Spilia (Black Cave), a way of two hours. Most experienced perhaps prefer the ascent in the Kaliakouda. In distance of 11 km. is found also the ski centre of Velouhi.

You can do Rafting in the waters of Tavropos river, Trikeriotis or Acheloos river. Those who prefer the kayaking ideal are the rivers Agrafiotis, Karpenisiotis with degree of difficulty 3 + and Krikelopotamos with degree of difficulty 4.