Karpenision located in his south-western side Velouchi mountain. Today new city spread tends to Eastern and the conditions of life with the modern means makes much more comfortable the existence in any conditions.

Karpenision is one of the cleanest cities, if no the cleaner city of Greece. No one will find any waste in his streets, the mentality of local people are similar with Central Europe.

The square of the city centre is the social and the economic life of the city. The famous Tree with the cold tap in his root it inspired to a lot of poets but also the municipal muse to write a lot of songs for him. The square is set with colorful marble, as enormous mosaic above in which take shape the names of municipalities of Evrytania.

The summertime the dew of Central Square is the big trump of Karpenisi . A attitude in this will give it to the visitor the sense of enjoyment which will make him feel the beauty in all dimensions.

The Apartments of Anestis Lappas with respect in the rules of stay gives to the visitors a sense of comfort that sure is the remuneration for his HOLIDAYS in Karpenision as destination wintry but also summer.

The diffuse green during summer months but also the white veil of snow the wintry months they classify the Karpenision as destination all time of Year. The choice for your HOLIDAYS is yours leave us the opportunity to make them unforgettable.